The Basics…

Just a normal student attempting to scribble down the ups and downs of university, while attempting to guide you as you undergo your personal crazy experience, or even give a useful insight as you prepare to leave.

Feel free to scroll through my page while I ramble about my experience and give advice of some quality (hopefully). I will attempt to be as open as possible, and while I absolutely love university, I am more than prepared to share all the lows too.

About me…

  • I’m currently reading History at the University of Leeds.
  • At A Levels I studied History, Maths and Physics.
  • Aspirations (at this moment – they change all the time) – advance in further education to one day gain a PhD in either History or Politics, or become a teacher (because stereotypes).
  • Favourite areas of study: 1) Early Modern/Modern Britain (c.1500-c.1918). In terms of events, from the Tudor accession to the end of the First World War, with specialisms in the English Civil Wars and Napoleonic Wars. 2) British Politics (1979-2017). And 3) Britain and India, 1857-1947.
  • I play the Bass Trombone, attempt (key word) to pluck electric/acoustic and bass guitars, while sounding pretty useless on piano. Not forgetting picking up some drum sticks and playing some simplistic rhythms. I dabble (perhaps too much) in the Ukulele too. If your ears can bear it, I like to sing also.
  • Any sort of food, anything that is edible really.
  • Having a strange love for Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares, and ofc Peep Show.

Hope you enjoy my mainly useful and incoherent chatter,



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