Starting University Mini-Series: Introduction


I’ve decided to start a mini-series on the process of starting university. When I started, I didn’t really know what to do, or what to expect. I was just going with the flow and when the time came to move, I was pretty stressed while filled with great anticipation.

Hopefully the next few posts will provide a useful guide for starting university, everything you have to do to prepare, and a few tips and advice for when you arrive.

The general outline will be as follows and will be posted over the course of the next year:

Part One: Money

  • 1.1: Student Loan
  • 1.2: Bank Accounts

Part Two: Results Day and Accommodation

  • 2.1: Choosing your Accommodation
  • 2.2: Checking UCAS and getting results

Part Three: Moving in

  • 3.1: Packing and deciding what to take with you
  • 3.2: The Process (tbc)

Part Four: First Few Days

  • 4.1: Finances and Budgeting
  • 4.2: Freshers
  • 4.3: Starting Term

Part Five: First Assignments

  • 5.1: First bits of work
  • 5.2: Reflections

Part Six: A Bit After

  • 6.1: Finding a house
  • Combined: All Posts piled together into one blog post

Hopefully each post will help guide you as you start possibly one of the best transitions in your life. It will be difficult, but gosh, it’s worth it!

Thanks, hope you enjoy,





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